The Introverted Student

Introverted Students in the Classroom How to Bring Out Their Best

Student temperaments can play a large role in student evaluation. Instructor perceptions of students can be incorrect when based upon external observation. There is a big difference between how introverts and extroverts receive energy and their response to stimuli. This can result in an introverted student as being unmotivated or disinterested.

What introverted students need

  • a supportive environment where they are allowed to observe and don’t feel pressured to perform
  • additional time to prepare questions when on their own
  • activities that expect all students to respond rather than feeling “on the spot”
  • instructors that are willing to give time outside of the classroom to get to know their students on a personal level

I think I have been guilty of incorrectly judging students based upon their external behaviour without truly recognizing that they simply had a different learning style. This is a reminder to me of the danger of making false assumptions and the importance or taking the time and effort to look further than what might initially seem to be “obvious” . What might seem to be “obvious” might actually be untrue.

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