Team Concept Maps

Team Concept Maps Thanks Janice for this great digital project on team concept maps. As I enjoy seeing how concepts connect visually, I think this type of learning activity would help me to make connections and see relationships. I like seeing the “big picture” and how all the pieces link together. Your slide on the… Continue reading Team Concept Maps

Am I a Self-Regulated Learner?

Self regulation involves more than detailed knowledge of a skill; it involves the self-awareness, self-motivation, and behavioral skills to implement that knowledge appropriately. Characteristics of Novices Rely on Feedback from others, compare their performances to others Fail to set goals or monitor learning Frequently attribute failure to deficiencies that can’t be remedied Characteristic of Experts… Continue reading Am I a Self-Regulated Learner?

Debates…Student’s Perspectives

Some learned points Debates should complement information but are not an end in itself  help students develop a mastery of content, develop critical thinking and communication skills Student perceptions of debates show Students need support especially initially when preparing for a debate clear structure is important consideration must be given to evaluation by peer assessment… Continue reading Debates…Student’s Perspectives

Active Learning

Active Learning with Dr. Richard Felder Concepts I learned in this video Students don’t always want to participate in active learning activities however it results in deeper learning. Examples of what he does to motivate students -calling upon them with out warning  -“changing things up” with additional questions Lecturing isn’t wrong -key is mixing it… Continue reading Active Learning